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Dunn-Edwards Unveils the 2021 Color of the Year: Wild Blue Yonder (DE5855)


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Dunn-Edwards 2021 Color of the Year, Wild Blue Yonder — a light, airy and soothing pale blue — encourages us to slow down, take a deep breath, and approach 2021 with new hope and confidence. At the same time, Wild Blue Yonder symbolizes our insistence for transparency and authenticity as we continue to navigate these challenging times. Versatile and layered, this pale blue hue complements nearly any design style — lifting us up and reminding us that brighter days are ahead.

The Color
As a key color in our 2021 trends story “Moonwake,” Wild Blue Yonder highlights the magic and mystery that dances at the edge of darkness, a faint sliver of light glowing as if ignited from within. We see an
increase in fantasy and escapist themes sparked by a craving for creativity and endless play — and Wild Blue Yonder celebrates this design movement crafted from dreams and fantasies. This tonal and reflective shade brightens the palette with its atmospheric clear-blue tone, as well as soothing touched of irreproachable simplicity and lightness.


Wild Blue Yonder is a soft azure touched with minimal chroma. It is translucent and delicate while — at the same time — radiates freedom, spirit, confidence, and resolve to achieve personal and societal goals.

We’ve been through a lot this last year and, some days, it can feel like we’re just trying to survive — we need an escape. Blue Yonder creates a sense of seeing a future of brighter days, as well as a celebrates movement, discovery and growth.


A Blend of Natural and Technological Influences
A new decade brings an appreciation of all things futuristic. Increasingly digital realms bleed into the physical world with technological advancements impacting how we shape our environments. While on the other hand, mounting digital fatigue is driving a desire for a self-sustaining, simpler way of life. The home becomes a retreat, a place for calm and quiet reflection. Wild Blue Yonder is a tech-forward hue that connects natural, calming realities with futuristic, reflective qualities.



Embracing the Future Life and Style
With mobility and freedom in mind, the focus turns to what is essential and meaningful in life. Anything more will weigh us down physically, mentally and emotionally — and Wild Blue Yonder affirms the message
of strength, vitality and versatility. We want to travel light, be positive and embrace every experience. Designs that support a simpler lifestyle take their cues from a blend of Scandinavian style and Japanese aesthetic with their crystallized, cool influences.


Inspired by the remote beauty of destinations like the Faroe Islands, design takes on a raw and weathered approach. Wild Blue Yonder infuses atmospheric, sea-salt-air surroundings, creating a refreshingly ice cool
approach to this organic scheme. And application of this hue for print and pattern are heavily influenced by brooding seascapes.


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