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Dunn-Edwards Unveils its 2023 Color of the Year: Terra Rosa (DE5096)

10/04/2022 | Sara McLean |


Dunn-Edwards 2023 Color of the Year—Terra Rosa—is a deep, rosy pink hue with a touch of terra-cotta influence that exudes confidence, creativity and coziness. Reflecting just the right amount of introspection, this high chroma, cinnamon rose hue is strong, yet approachable, and acts as a refreshing neutral updated to browns and burgundies.


As one of the key colors in our 2023 Color + Design trends story, Life in Poetry, Terra Rosa showcases living a life filled with joy and finding the beauty in everyday small pleasures. The grounding quiet comfort of Terra Rosa provides a touch of prettiness with the influence of pink, yet still can create drama with its deep value.

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A large amount of research is reviewed before selecting a color of the year and what influences the outcome. Here are four major influences that culminated in choosing Terra Rosa (DE5096) as our 2023 Color of the Year:

Health and Wellbeing

As we attempt to untangle ourselves from the emotional ties of the pandemic, we look to powerful, comforting hues that evoke a sense of strength and protection. Terra Rosa can be both a neutral and empowering statement color.

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The Trend of Warming Hues Like Reds and Oranges

Color wise, there is an evolving group of scorched-earth colors that exude hot to the touch but are approachable and hazy. And with reds and oranges representing strength and intensity, while pinks touching on sentimental sweetness, Terra Rosa infuses a blend of these familiar traits with a refreshing reassurance. Consumers are still being drawn to comfort colors with natural infusions well into 2023 as we continue to see global chaos.

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An Eye Towards Nostalgic Times

Uncertainty and rapid change have reignited a nostalgic craving for simpler, more romantic times. And with a touch of familiarity, Terra Rosa is a connection to the past through rose-tinted glasses. This warm hue carries a touch of dusted sweetness in its quest to comfort and reassure. A need to escape can be satisfied through more creativity and an embracement of the charm of a more carefree lifestyle.

A dining room table in front of a window


Terra Rosa is a soothing and gentle color inspired by nature, local materials, and locally handcrafted items. The color emphasizes the importance of our reliance on the natural environment for physical, emotional, and community healing.

We take what we learned from lockdown-the ability to be still, silent, and self-reflective-and flourish with a fresh perspective as we rebuild the world around us through positive interactions with our green spaces. We examine not only our own personal spaces but the planet, which serves as a growing home for humanity’s developing consciousness.

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Take a look at these six color palettes incorporating Terra Rosa to get you inspired:

Shape, bubble chart


“Your dreams open like a flower, naturally optimistic, promising they will somehow explain the impossible. Warm, sun-kissed,nostalgic, yet ready for whats to be.” – Terra Rosa (DE5096)

Dunn-Edwards 2023 Color of the Year – chosen for its influence on color and design through 2023. To view more on our 2023 color + design trends, click here.


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