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Like many other nonprofits that have been challenged during this time, PSHA developed a creative and fun alternative to raise funds to fulfill its mission of providing music programs throughout the community. A first for PSHA, the Showcase Strong Online Auction, was generously supported by members, designers, Shops vendors and our good friends to curate a collection of luxury getaways, fine jewelry, exotic vacations, furnishings, gift cards, art, memberships, wine and plenty of other items to tantalize bidders. When the gavel fell, $100,000 had been raised.


We would like to acknowledge the three members who chaired this event, Lynne Graves, Hilda Hacobian and Marybeth Rehman-Dittu and express our heartfelt thanks for the job well done and at warp speed.  We are very appreciative of the sponsors and donors who contributed to help make this event a success. To pilfer from two favorite lyricists, Lennon and McCartney, we get by with a little help from our friends.



Music Makes a Difference

Great Design 

BILAMarilyn & John Anderson
Patrons of PeaceGarrett Collins & Matt McIntyre
Faisel Dittu
Omar Dittu
Irene & Walt Snyder
Transit Systems Unlimited


Rosie the Riveter


Annelise DachelA-Co Temporary Power Inc.
Jill & John FosselmanSusie Aguirre
Samantha & Duff MarloweDiane Boysen
Linda & John PolwrekMr. and Mrs. Burgo
Colleen & Dwight RobertsonDenise Butler
Unity Customs Brokers, Inc.Jenny Chiang
Suzette Cummings
Ali Dittu
Anne Dwyer
Florentino Ice Cream
Helen Gipson
Beth Hanson
Sally Hazen
Linda Heineman
Cathy Hilton
Nancy Holland
Barbara Lake
Lisa Loeffler
Michele Lembo
Dana Marevich
Kathy McBride
Sheri Notley
Lori Phillipi
Lauri Springer
Joy Sullivan
Vikki Sung
Christine Upton
Jan Wiles

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